Fields of expertise

Mentoring services

We train, mentor and empower people to discover ideas and provide wise and practical experience counseling concerning human behavior and character management both in work place and at home.

Advisory services

We analyzed failures, and gives solutable keys to avoid errors

We advice on business setups, political campaigns, Investments decisions.

Real estates

We do sales of lands, houses provide solution for mortgaging, rentals, hotel reservation, booking and acquisition


We envision and provide solutions to impending issues, analyze failures, and gives suitable keys to avoid errors 

Church Management

We provide strategic Church growth keys to churches and pastors. We help companies, businesses and churches on how to raise funds and financial capital.

Travel and Tour

We provide advise on USA, Canada citizenship Programs and give advices and support travelers for tourism and vacations. We provide car rental solutions to individuals and businesses organizations.

Our Vision

Is to assist all to enlarge vision, define practical marketing and missions code, to improve influence.


At SCG, our team is trained to focus on Discovering Strategic ideas developing systems of implementation for Greater results or success. Our niche clientele has enjoyed the edge of having a team that delivers and hence effective implementation is our company’s focus.

Our Mission

To be a leading think tank ideation centre for multi-nationals corporation accelerator.

We are almost ready...

mentor and empower people 100%
envision and provide solutions 78%
provide wise and practically experience counseling 100%
advice on business setups 70%

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