Our Mission

Is to assist all to enlarge vision, define practical marketing and missions code, to improve influence.


At SCG, our team is trained to focus on implementation and results tracking. From our experience, the difference between a good idea and a great idea is how it is implemented. Our niche clientele has enjoyed the edge of having a team that delivers and hence effective implementation is our company’s focus.


To be World's leading small business to multi-nationals corporation accelerator.

About The CEO Dr Sam 0wusu

Dr Sam 0wusu is an award winning emerging leaders potential development expert.

Who has trained and mentored over 5000 leaders through his Covenant Leadership College which he founded since 2003, and the Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in africa with a membership of about 1000 congregants, The Pottersville church International which branches of about 22 across the country Ghana, nigeria, malawi, liberia and usa.

He is the CEO of Samos capital group a consortium that consist of Samos capital consult, charisma multi media, emerging leaders forum, Grand hills Estates, samos capital investment, samos Fashion, Smile divila laundry and saloon.

Dr Sam Owusu holds Diploma in Journalism and Communications studies from Institute of Communications studies Kumasi,
Degree in Missions studies from Word of life University, Degree of master of Education administration and Leadership, Doctorate Degree of Leadership Psychology from All Nations University. Nigeria.

Sam owusu is married to dr Joy owusu with four five kids. And resided in Accra east legon hills.

Dr Sam owusu has won many awards to his credits notable among them are Nobles International award, west Africa Prestigious Emerging leaders award, international youth leadership award, Cangax Christian leaders award.

He sits as a board member to about 13 different organizations around the world. 

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Samos Capital Group board members

Dr Joy Owusu

CEO Smile divila

Lawyer Kamah Thoronka

Thoronka Law Office USA

Dr Fred Amankwa

University of Ghana

Mr Richard Idun Bentil

Business Man UK

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